Broken Bio For Instagram

Are you searching for broken bio for Instagram? Then follow this list of Broken Heart Instagram bio till the end becouse here you will get the alone sad and broken heart bio for instagram. Select your favorite bio and just copy and paste to your Instagram profile.

If you have been cheated in someone’s love and your heart is broken, then you can share your feelings by adding broken heart bio in your Instagram bio.

Broken Bio For Instagram

Broken Bio For Instagram

😍Broken Heart 💔
😎Desi Munda🤘🏻
👿Free Minded 😎
🎃Die With Memories! Not Dreams💭
🚫Don’t Trust Anyone🚫
🥀Miss Me On 22 Sep🎈

👉 Broken Hearted 🥀
🎂15_May 👉
😎Alone_but_happy 👉
👉I_love_my_mom_dad 👉🙏

🎭Game Changer 🎭
🎧 Bindass Life🎧
👑Wish me on 📅
😍 Cricket Løvêr 😍
💔I’m Not Waiting For Anyone💔

🔥 It’s Kameena BoY 🔥
Champion 🏆
Alone boy 🙇
🙈 SiNgLe ❤️
✌Thoda sa sweet 😍
👍LoGin In The World 13july
♍I’m not Rich ßut I’m Royal

◾Šâñškårî bý børñ!!😉 
◾I Loved a Girl💁 & She Broken My Heart💔 
▪️So Now Every Piece Of My Heart 
▪️Love Different Girls..Flirty!!😉 
🔺2⃣1⃣ Feb Special Day 😎

➡❤Broken ❤
➡ 👑Kîñg👑

Flirty Boy 🤓
Bad MundA 🤗
Crazy Minded 😘
I hate Love 💋
Fun LoVer 😘😘
Music Addict🎧🎧
Cake Murder 10 May 🎂

💗 Believe Only In Mind Game👈
👔 ËnGiNeeR 📖
🎂 FiRsT Cry On Earth 14 Jun 😭
😉 Simple Boy 😊
💗 SiNgLe 😉
😎 Big Player🎲

Broken Heart Instagram Bio

👉Sad Boy 🥀💔🥀
👉I hate my Life 👍
👉Mûßïç lovêr🎶
👉I hate papa ki pariya😌
👉Heart broken by nature💔

😍Love myself
💙Blue lover
❤Soft hearted
“Believe in myself”
“My day 31 March”

🔹👸 Selfieholic 👰
🔹🎂18 Jan 😊
🔹🏩 Mumbai 😊
🔹🏣College. Sn 😘
🔹👜 Shopaholic 📕
🔹💑Fan Of Khudki 😎

🎂world~entry🎂4 jun 🎂
😎Alone _ boy😎
🔇 Silent'”~lover 🔇
🤞 Broken Hearted 🥀
🏡 name😚

🎂 Cake murder on 16Dec
😉 Babu lover😍
👉 Mumbaikar 😎
🙈 Fashionable 👱
🙋 Lifestyle Befikra ✌
📸 Photoholic 📸

Big dreamer 😍
….sirfira Boy 🔥
🖤 BLACK….🖤
…Mahakal Bhakt..🔥💪
Tea lover..😋☕…
Waiting is painful..💔🥀💔

Super $@ND¥ 😎
Nature Lover🌿
🙋Single 💯
😎 Searching my queen
My Dream ( 👩‍🦳 💕 👨‍🦳 )
Be Happy😇

🎂 Wish me on 11 July 🎂
😉 Free Minded😉
💖 Self Believer 💗
🎧 Music Lover🎧
💔 Broken Heart 🥀
👰Dear Girls I’m Single 😌
👉 But Not Available

Heart Broken Bio For Instagram

  • I might be okay but I’m not fine at all.
  • Missing the same person, everyday.
  • I don’t need anyone to be in my life I am alone able to face the world.
  • Never put your happiness in someone else’s hands.
  • She broken my heart but no problem. 🙂
  • Eyes talk better than words sometimes.
  • Trying to be better everyday.
  • Emptiness feels so heavy.
  • love someone but not too much.
  • you always get hurt the moment you begin to care.
  • Life goes on with or without you!
  • Bad relationships change good person.
  • Sometimes, it’s better to be alone… No one can hurt you…….😋
  • I am only good at hiding my feeling.
  • current status : broken in love.
  • I don’t care for people who don’t care for me.

Sad Alone Bio For Instagram

💣Bomb blast on 4th Sep🎂
🚶Alone but happy 😊
😠No attitude😡
😣No Ego😬 
🆔 Talented 🔥
🏁Bike Racer 🏁
🙏 Believe in Shiva 🙏

Nature lover🌿🥀
Happiest person 👑
Moody 🔥
Poetry lover🤔
Fan of Indian Army🇮🇳
Alone Boy 🐯
Freedom lover 😎

😎Attitude Girl.😎
Broken Heart 😊
Entry In 🌍World:-2/2🎂
Selfie Lover🖤
Smoking🚬 & Dirnking🥃
I loved Night Out In Beach

Name 🦋 || 💔 ||
I love to be alone 😌
Iove traveling✈️
shopping lover ❤️
believe in karma | Chandigarh 📍
Happy 👻 Soul

🎂my day___22 Oct.🎂
One day I will Die
And you’ll be thinking I m Offline..
Sun is alone too,..But it still shine🌞

📸Photo designer📸
🏍Speed rideR🏍
👸No need 👸
🦐foodie 🦐
😁Alone But Happy😁

Cute PaR!…❤️
March 2🎂
I strive to impress myself❤️

Bad Boy. . . . 👑👑
Landed 📶on 😉 15 March 😘
I hate love 😎
Weapon premi 🔫💥
Broken Heart 🥀
Royal Entry on feb 12😘😍

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