Copa America 2024: Uruguay vs Bolivia Match Preview

As the footballing world turns its eyes to the upcoming Copa America 2024, one of the most anticipated clashes in the group stage is the encounter between Uruguay and Bolivia. This match, set to be held at the iconic Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, promises to be a thrilling contest between two South American nations with rich footballing histories. While Uruguay is often seen as a powerhouse in the continent, Bolivia is known for its tenacity and surprising upsets. This preview will delve into the form, key players, tactics, and historical context surrounding this crucial match.

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Team Form and Recent Performance


Uruguay, known for its rich footballing heritage, comes into Copa America 2024 with high expectations. The team has been in good form, having performed consistently in the World Cup qualifiers and recent friendlies. Under the management of Diego Alonso, who took over after the long tenure of Óscar Tabárez, the team has shown a blend of tactical discipline and attacking flair.

Key victories in the qualifiers against Argentina and Brazil have bolstered Uruguay’s confidence. The team’s defensive solidity, characterized by experienced defenders like Diego Godín and José María Giménez, has been a cornerstone of their recent success. Meanwhile, their attack, spearheaded by veterans like Luis Suárez and Edinson Cavani, alongside emerging talents like Darwin Núñez, has shown the capability to break down even the toughest defenses.


Bolivia, on the other hand, comes into the tournament as underdogs but with a reputation for being unpredictable. Their form in the World Cup qualifiers has been inconsistent, but they have managed to pull off surprising results against higher-ranked teams. Coach César Farías has instilled a sense of belief and resilience in the squad, emphasizing a solid defensive structure and quick counter-attacks.

Bolivia’s recent performances have seen a mix of results, with a notable victory over Paraguay and a hard-fought draw against Chile. Key players such as Marcelo Martins Moreno, who remains their talisman in attack, and goalkeeper Carlos Lampe, known for his shot-stopping abilities, will be crucial if Bolivia hopes to advance past the group stage.

Key Players to Watch


  1. Luis Suárez: The veteran forward continues to be a key figure for Uruguay. His experience, clinical finishing, and ability to create opportunities out of nothing make him a constant threat to any defense.
  2. Federico Valverde: The Real Madrid midfielder has become indispensable for both club and country. His energy, vision, and versatility allow him to dominate the midfield, linking defense and attack seamlessly.
  3. Darwin Núñez: The young striker has been in scintillating form for Benfica and has carried that form into international duty. His pace, strength, and finishing make him a perfect complement to Suárez in the attack.


  1. Marcelo Martins Moreno: Bolivia’s all-time leading goal scorer is the focal point of their attack. His ability to hold up the ball, aerial prowess, and knack for scoring crucial goals make him a player to watch.
  2. Carlos Lampe: The experienced goalkeeper is often the last line of defense for Bolivia. His reflexes, command of the area, and leadership are vital for Bolivia’s defensive solidity.
  3. Erwin Saavedra: The versatile midfielder can play in various positions and is known for his work rate and passing ability. He will be crucial in linking defense to attack and providing support to Moreno.

Tactical Analysis


Uruguay’s tactical setup under Diego Alonso is expected to be a 4-4-2 formation, which can transition into a 4-3-3 when in possession. The backline, anchored by Godín and Giménez, provides a strong defensive foundation. In midfield, Valverde’s dynamic presence is complemented by the industrious Rodrigo Bentancur, who adds defensive stability and ball-winning capabilities.

The attacking trio of Suárez, Núñez, and Giorgian De Arrascaeta offers a blend of experience, pace, and creativity. Suárez often drops deep to link up play, allowing Núñez to exploit spaces behind the opposition’s defense. De Arrascaeta’s ability to operate between the lines provides an additional creative outlet, making Uruguay’s attack multifaceted and difficult to defend against.


Bolivia is likely to adopt a more conservative approach, focusing on defensive solidity and counter-attacking opportunities. A 4-2-3-1 formation seems probable, with a compact defensive setup to frustrate Uruguay’s attackers. The two holding midfielders will play a crucial role in breaking up play and providing cover for the backline.

In attack, Bolivia will rely heavily on the experience and finishing of Martins Moreno. Quick transitions and set-pieces will be their primary avenues for creating scoring opportunities. The wide players will need to provide support both defensively and offensively, ensuring that Bolivia can exploit any gaps left by Uruguay when they commit men forward.

Historical Context

Uruguay and Bolivia share a long history of encounters in South American football, with Uruguay traditionally holding the upper hand. However, Bolivia has had its moments of glory, particularly when playing at home in the high altitude of La Paz. In Copa America history, Uruguay has been far more successful, having won the tournament a record 15 times. Bolivia’s lone triumph came in 1963 when they hosted the tournament.

The most recent encounters between the two teams have seen Uruguay dominate, but Bolivia has managed to pose challenges, particularly in World Cup qualifiers. The historical rivalry adds an extra layer of intrigue to this match, with both teams eager to secure a crucial victory in the group stage.

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Predictions and Expectations

Given the form and quality of both squads, Uruguay enters this match as the clear favorite. Their blend of experienced campaigners and emerging talents, coupled with a solid tactical framework, gives them the edge. However, Bolivia’s resilience and potential for causing upsets cannot be underestimated. If Bolivia can maintain defensive discipline and capitalize on counter-attacks or set-pieces, they could make life difficult for Uruguay.

For Uruguay, an early goal would be crucial to settling any nerves and forcing Bolivia to come out of their defensive shell. On the other hand, Bolivia will aim to frustrate Uruguay and hope to snatch a goal on the break or from a set-piece situation.


The Uruguay vs Bolivia match at Copa América 2024 promises to be an intriguing contest between two contrasting footballing philosophies. Uruguay’s tactical discipline and attacking prowess will be tested against Bolivia’s resilience and counter-attacking potential. As the teams prepare to face off at Estadio Centenario, fans can expect a match filled with passion, strategy, and moments of brilliance. Whether it ends in a routine win for Uruguay or a surprising upset by Bolivia, this encounter will undoubtedly be one to watch in the group stage of the tournament.

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