Roulette: Instructions for Playing and Good Betting Tips Today

Roulette: Instructions for Playing and Good Betting Tips Today

Roulette is a leading casino game with a large number of visits. Talking about entertainment games at casinos, this is always a very hot game at Hi88. Please see detailed instructions on how to play here and relax with this interesting game every day. 


Roulette means small wheel (in French) is a game associated with a small wheel with clearly divided number boxes. In the game, each box has its own number and is colored to highlight (red and black, but box 0 is blue). Players will guess which box the ball will appear in when they spin the ball and bet on that number, and after the spin ends, they will receive the results and rewards immediately. 

History of Roulette game development


Many people have fun with this game, but few people know that the game has had a long period of development with many memorable historical milestones.

During the 17th century: in the early 1700s, images of spinning wheels and balls appeared with the name Roly-Poly – an entertaining game of British aristocrats. Many people believe that this game is another name for Roulette imported from France to England. 

In the early 18th century: in the 1800s, the Roly-Poly game was replaced by the Odd-Even game (another version of Roly-Poly after this game was banned by George II).

Late 18th century: Roulette returns after being used as an economic solution in Monte Carlo

19th century period (1842): a version of Roulette with 1 number 0 appeared, initiated by Francois and Louis Blanc and became increasingly popular among the upper class. . 

20th century period until now: the game is famous in the US and France and gradually appears a version of the game with two zeros.
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Distinguish between American and French Roulette

Currently, both American and French versions of the game are very popular, but they also have their own points. Let’s compare to identify the correct version when playing, see how they have similarities and differences. 

The same

Regardless of which version you participate in, players cannot control the results of the spin, the results paid are always random.

At the same time, both American and French versions allow participants to relax and relieve stress with this game.

Regarding the number boxes, except for the blue numbers 0 and 00, the other number boxes are colored alternating red and black.

Regarding bet types for these two game versions, you can participate in 3 types of bets: line bets, color bets and number bets. 

The difference

American Roulette

The structure of the wheel is different because French Roulette has one less number (only one 0, while the American version has an additional 00). So the French version has a total of 37 numbers, and the French version of the game will have 38 numbers. 

Because the table structure is different, if you want to have more chances of winning, you should choose to play American Roulette (with additional bet type 00). However, the French style will have a better payout rate because it has 1 less box. 

In terms of payout rules, the American game style does not have La Partage and En Prison rules like the French game style. Accordingly, when the bet is odd and the ball is on box 0, the La Partage rule allows players to take ½ of the bet while the En Prison rule helps you keep all the money to wait for the next game. 

Instructions for playing Roulette at the house

When you want to participate in this casino game at any house, follow these instructions: Register account => Log in => Deposit money => Play game

With the 4-step process above, we will start the game to bet money. First of all, the player will have to observe the ball and predict the box where the ball will fall, then place a bet by selecting the bet amount and clicking on the box you want to bet on. 

After that, the spin will be done by the dealer and after the spin, whichever box you land on, you will receive the result immediately. At this time, wins and losses are determined and the player can continue to play/stop and if they win, they can withdraw money. 

Hopefully with specific information about the Roulette game, players will better understand the game to participate. Choose a reputable website, open an account, and enjoy the game. Wishing you good luck and good relaxation with this attractive casino game.

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