Top Tips About How to Buy Loose Diamonds UK

Top Tips About How to Buy Loose Diamonds UK

Introduction to Loose Diamonds

To buy loose diamonds is quite a difficult task. A British consumer, being an advanced one, has a right to be provided with all the necessary information to make a proper choice. If you are investing or designing your piece of jewelry, or just in search of a timeless present, this guide will give you an understanding of the many shades of loose diamonds.

Understanding Diamond Quality

Carat Weight

Carat weight is a measure of size of the diamond. One carat equals 200 milligrams and the size increases, and larger diamonds are many, many times rarer and much more expensive. However, it is necessary to point out that the size, being positive, should be adjusted with the rest of the Cs subscales in order to have higher overall quality.


Clarity means that there might be no points of inclusion and blemishes. GIA Clarity Scale is FL (Flawless) to I1, I2, I3 and Included. Cuts gems are much rarer than all the other gems; therefore, they cost much more in comparison. If you want a blend of the beauty and the cost, it’s manufactured diamonds that are of the ‘Very Slightly Included’ or ‘VS1’ or ‘VS2’.


Diamonds are color graded in a scale which starts from D or colorless to Z or light yellow or brown. D Nationwide Housing Finance Corporation Free Cam Footage of Colorless Natural Diamonds Colorless diamonds which are graded as diamonds from D to F are the best, but diamonds graded as near-colorless from G to J are also good since they are normally invisible to the naked eye.


Reduced culet quality impacts the sparkle of a diamond. GIA cut scale runs from Excellent to Poor. Thus, irrespective of the other parameters, an Excellent or Very Good cut can make an impressive difference to the diamond’s looks.

Ethical Considerations and Certifications

If the diamonds are already in a loose form then one has to ensure they are what is known as conflict free. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS ) prohibits the trade in diamonds that are sourced with the help of financing conflict. The elements to consider while deciding on the product are to always seek certification to confirm that the product is sourced legally.

Certification Bodies

Today users can rely on credible third party reporting services such as GIA, AGS, and IGI meaning these organizations are biased. These certifications are useful in a way that they assist in establishing the competence of the diamond.

Places to get Loose Diamonds in the UK

Online Retailers

Shopping diamond rings online is quite vast and affordable, mainly due to the availability of many types and brands. Just like with any other product, it is advised to stick with the most reputable online stores that are highly ranked by customers, have crystal clear return policies, and provide lots of information about diamonds.

Physical Stores

The physical store enables customers to see diamonds firsthand to touch and that is a unique opportunity one cannot afford when buying online. Major players dealing in jewelries in the UK are usually considered in serving their customers and knowledgeable in giving advice. Make sure it is certified from body such as National Association of Jewellers (NAJ).


The sale of the special stones using auctions can be quite thrilling. Nevertheless, one needs to investigate the credibility of the auction house and the history of the diamonds available for sale.

Custom Jewellery Design

Due to the fact that it is possible to design fine jewelry using individual diamonds, it is easier to develop customized items. Contact professionals who are dealing with jewelry and ask them to help you through the entire process of design of the jewel starting with choice of the diamond and ending with choice of the setting.

Pricing and Value

Prices fluctuate to buy loose diamonds UK depending on its Four C’s, market trends, and other economic factors. Declining prices and contemporary references to price guides will also aid you in making the right investment. Perhaps, use a price comparison tool, or turn to the specialists in the field for help.

Maintaining Your Diamonds

Therefore it is important that in this case, regular and proper care is done to ensure that the loose diamonds maintain their beauty as well as the value is not eroded. So if it is your intention to pass on your diamonds for the next generations, you should clean them, store them properly, and have them checked by professionals regularly.


Therefore, Loose Diamonds listed in the UK need to be purchased with a lot of consideration and keen knowledge. Wherever possible, ethical sources should be purchased from, and certificates should come from genuine bodies. When selecting the online retailer, or buying from physical stores and using auction services, the honesty and legitimate policy of the seller should be taken into consideration. Jewelry designing for a customer’s taste is a chance to get the most out of fashion and create the most unique products. Make sure to know what is in vogue in the market as well as the current market prices to make a good investment. Last of all, washing and good care will maintain the beauty as well as the value of your diamonds to pass on the gorgeous creations to your future generations.

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